Jerry Brown to Run for Re-election (awesome… /sarcasm)

Oh great. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown has decided to run for re-election. This nut-job is bad for California and needs to go.

“I promised that there would be no new taxes unless you the people voted for them, and you did.”

Thats just what we need is this guy or another guy asking us to raise taxes in California AGAIN to balance the budget.


New Ballistics Calculator from Federal

Federal just released a ballistics calculator on their site for all your loading needs. Register to make an account so you can save your custom loads. Has all the standard bells and whistles that a load calculator should have, and has all the data for Federals factory loads as well as their bullets for all you hand loaders out there. Head on over and check it out.

Judge upholds San Francisco gun magazine ban

Frustrating, albeit unsurprising.

A judge on Wednesday upheld San Francisco’s ban on gun magazines that can hold more than 10 bullets, the latest in long series of court rulings grappling with gun rights in the U.S.

Judge Alsup, in refusing the National Rifle Association’s demand to stop the San Francisco ban from going into effect on April 7, noted that four other courts across the country upheld similar bans in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Connecticut and New York.


Read the whole article from the SF Examiner