Owners of 80% Lowers Being Targeted By The ATF

The owner of a California gun parts store, Ares Armor, says he plans to take legal action after federal agents raided his business, confiscating computers, customer lists and 80 percent lower receivers as part of an investigation into alleged federal firearms violations. This after Ares Armor received a restraining order against the ATF.

Dimitrios Karras, owner of Ares Armor in National City, told Fox5SanDiego.com the raid by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents took place just days after the company obtained a temporary restraining order against the agency.

The ATF says their investigation into Ares Armor stems from the sale of a new plastic version of the 80 percent lower receiver, which can be used to build AR-15 rifles, according to the report.

Now other suppliers of 80% lowers is suspending their sale. According to Polymer80.com

Some of you may have taken notice that we are no longer offering the G150 80% lower for sale on our site. We want to be clear that:

A. We were NOT shutdown in anyway by the ATF
B. We were NOT raided by the ATF
C. We have NOT even been contacted or directed by the ATF in any way, shape or form
D. We have done this VOLUNTARILY and PROACTIVELY

This whole customer list thing is kind of ridiculous if you ask me in a couple different ways. 1. If these are off list, non serialized, non DROSed lowers then why did Ares Armor keep records of who bought them? And 2. What prompted the ATF to go raid them in the first place?


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