Another Student Suspended for “Finger Gun”

Not California news I know, but it’s still worth spreading the word.

So, yet another over reaction by the administration of a school. An elementary school in Ohio has suspended a 10 year old for making a finger gun and “shooting” his friend in the head. Undoubtedly they were playing some sort of cops and robbers game during recess and having a good time. This whole “zero tolerance” BS that these schools follow is abused so often I even wonder if it does any good whatsoever. It doesn’t seem to deter kids, or adults, from bringing guns to schools and shooting the place up at random. So what’s the point? The only people this rule is hurting is the kid thats just playing a game with his friend and the kid that makes an honest mistake and tries to do the right thing by alerting the faculty like this kid.

It seems to me that the kid with the finger gun could be told that “we don’t like that game at this school” which I think is still ridiculous, but whatever, it’s a school, and the kid with the knife should have been applauded for being responsible and giving the knife to an adult. All thats happening is the students are learning that if they make a mistake like this to not tell anyone about it. So what happens when a kid came back from a hunting trip and forgets he has a rifle in his car? (I believe this has happened also)

So here is my take away. If I were still in school I wouldn’t go to the administration if it could at all be avoided. Brought a knife to school? oops, it stays in my backpack. Went hunting over the weekend and left my rifle in the car? (thats a whole other issue of responsibility there that I won’t get into) Guess it’s going under the seat, or I’m driving back home and missing my morning classes and getting in trouble for that (better than a police record)

The faculty at the school should be folks that the students can trust to not bust them for an honest mistake. Whatever happened to enforcing the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law?